Media Malware

The definition of Malware is thus: noun
software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system.
Now think of Media Malware is the programming of your software (brain) by Social Media, Mainstream news Media to create an irrational and hysterical response.

There is two ways to defeat media malware:
1. Do not watch it. (or listen to it)
2. Stop paying for it.

The answer is not as simple as “I’ll just download anti virus software to protect me.” that’s usually a scam in software and now a prevalent scam in life. Vaccines are medicine for healthy people.

The funding by our government of the vax rollout, is a great risk free business model for Pharmaceutical companies. Government says “here you go have billions of pounds to develop a new treatment to defend us against nature.” “And once you have developed it we will buy it off you for top price and force all of the plebs to take it.”

Money printing keeps this scam going with literally zero accountability to those making the decisions. CONVID-19 is literally “Quantitive easing for the pharmaceutical industry” And yes Bitcoin fixes this.

Now we have to look at the current PETROL & GAS Crisis as being another example of the media virus which is programming people to react HYSTERICALLY.

Now that is off my chest, Todays show is mainly about The future of education in the hair and beauty industry.

Joe asks If A.I is becoming a threat to the career’s of the next generation?
Aaron thinks that Hair and Beauty is immune to such disruption? The debate continues, Joe’s outlook on the future is fairly dark and dystopian. Aaron has hope.

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Petrol Crisis – Who started it? Probably the BBC

Amazon Astro – Robots in the salon?

Is it really a hoax? Senior Schools trying to cover up the facts surrounding Covid

Media Malware Essex Hairdressers Paul Falltrick

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