The Mask police are the worst

We don’t like people preventing other people from working hard and earning a living.

Joe & Aaron found out there were council teams looking to penalise our industry. We thought we have to find a solution for it and boy did we come up trumps again. The result is salons being forced out of business or by damaging for them to be shutdown or issued with destructive fines.
Aaron and Joe will be at Salon International next month. Joe has been placed in twitter jail again.
Under the bus – Boris, Javid, Whitty & Vallance. Making it up as they go along. Will the COV crimes committee begin?
This YouGov poll is a joke. Do you have any faith left in politicians or institutions?

The Mask is unscientific and the law is an ass

Do you hate the face masks? do you hate the visors? We have a great solution to get around these annoying and ineffective mandates.
Fake Masks!
How to get around the winter lockdown and any future mask mandates.
Innovations – I think we can all agree that masks don’t work right?

I think we can all agree they are uncomfortable and make you feel ill. Sucking on CO2 all day can leave you horse and with other respiratory issues.
Yet councils will continue to enforce the masks rules in the winter, You can beat them. Just look at these pictures from Boris and Biden for inspiration.
Fake Mask USA company has made a fortune selling breathable masks worldwide. Beat the restrictions and continue cutting without worrying about the local authorities.

Aaron reveals another software company stitch up. A company is charging a salon a ransom £995 to give you back your client data. I always thought we owned our data? Aaron has figured out the way to extract that data and can help anyone that has suffered from the same scam.

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Rank Math says I need to add 4 more words. “Beat the mask snitches?” For more about Salonomics visit the official website here