Why Do You Need Us? Our Process

We will build your digital retail zone, to get you started.

What we need to build you a digital retail zone

GoSalon makes it easy for your customers to get what they need. FROM YOU! 24/7.

GoSalon automates your retail process. We connect you and your client to a distributor online, that will fulfill your retail for you. This means no extra work for you but you still get commission.

We are currently in BETA mode and are working furiously on our prototype. In order To get your own personalised GoSalon app follow the tasks below:

Task 1 – Reserve Your Business Name

I start by making a list of the products that I love to use on my own clientele. This includes tools. From brushes to electric tools from all different brands. See my List here

When you have an idea of what you want to recommend “click the big red button below.”

Task 2 – Send us your 1st Product Pick

Please note this process is done through email. Therefore once TASK 1 is complete, please await an email from hello@gosalon.uk

Task 3 – Send Us Your Logo

Please note this process is also done through email. Once TASK 2 is complete, please await another email from hello@gosalon.uk
We accept most file formats from PNG to JPG.

Be aware that you can sign up with 1 product. Once we receive your logo, you will then be able to add up to 9 more products to your retail zone.

Task 4 – Patience

We are currently bringing hundreds of individuals onto the GoSalon platform. Complete Tasks 1-3 and then we will have all the details we need to build your digital retail zone.
Only then will you receive the final email from us that will give you your link and QR code that you need in order to make retail easy.

To get boosted up the list please share us via your social networks and tag us into your social posts so we that know!

We know its cheaper on the internet

Don’t let somebody else profit from your work. It’s that simple. 80% of your customers are buying stuff for their face, skin and hair. They may as well buy it via you. What’s Even better is, we automate the whole process! Welcome to GoSalon. Check out my top 5 tips to retail

For years product companies, distributors, supermarkets, chemists and the internet have removed you from the loop by selling direct to your customer. Whether that is via Amazon or eBay. It’s time for you to reclaim this vital portion of your business. Using GoSalon means you can sell a product to your customer without having to buy it first!

Just think, no more dead money in products left unsold sitting on the shelves.

Just think of the products you have not been able to endorse before? That Dyson hairdryer never looked so good on your list.

Your expertise and GoSalon’s simplicity means it’s easier than ever to claim your piece of the retail pie.

GoSalon always has your brand up front and center.

We succeed, when you succeed. You are our priority, you can set up your own app in a few minutes and become an influencer in the true sense of the word. Convert more clients. Earn more money. To learn more about maximising your retail revenue click here Top 5 Tips to Retail