how to spot a scam

64 – How to spot a Scam

Scam, Ponzi Schemes, MLM investments, All Fraud Scam or Ponzi? All have a common denominator and that is human beings....

63 - Salonomics Bitcoin vs Shitcoins Explained

63 – Bitcoin vs Sh*tcoins explained

In Todays Show, off the bat Joe calls Bitcoin Maximalists Arrogant. Aaron explains the fundamental difference between Bitcoin and Shitcoins. And why maximalists are so passionate about the quest to separate money from state.

Traditional Salons vs Freelance Spaces

62 – Traditional Salons vs Freelance Spaces

We look at the volatility of crypto and understand why this price swings happen. We look at the new business models in the creative industries, hair and beauty studio are leading the way.

qrs crypto and digital salons

61 – QR’s, Crypto and digital salons

The pair share some ideas about the future of Salon 2.0 Aaron stumps Joe by calling him Ed Balls. Can you believe Joe didn't have a story about him. We ask the question how many QR's in the salon would be overkill? Joe says everything in the salon should be For Sale. What do you think? Does Point of Sale work in the salon.

losing pounds and earning bitcoin

60 Losing Pounds £ Gaining Bitcoin

You would expect the mainstream media would report on a riot happening in the middle of parliament square. The revolution will be ignored by them. But least David Ginola will be in the jungle this year. Keep being distracted sheeple. Aaron shares a great way to get off zero bitcoin without it costing you a penny. - scroll downwards

climate change clown conference cop26

59 Climate Change Clown Conference

The truth is like Covid Denial, their is no money in Global Warming denial. The media Fear Porn continues, If Covid doesn't kill you then climate change will, so shut up slaves and hand over your cash. Sleepy Joe Biden living up to his name again by sleeping through the conference.

defy and survive

58 Defy and Survive

Sometimes you have to defy to survive. Defy and survive is about ignoring the shills that pretend to be your support network. They aren't your supporters. They do not pay you or give you any value for their "membership prices" they in fact take your money pretend to act in your interest and then sell your data to big brands. In addition to attacking your sector they take your £80 membership and they use it to petition the government to increase the red tape and bureaucracy.

salon international the resurrection

57 The Resurrection of Salon International

Recorded on location at London Excel. This is a special show. The first exhibition where everyone can get together and begin to re-energise the sector. Can the hair and beauty industry resurrect itself from the ashes of Covid?

gosalon dark winter

55 Dark Winter

Todays show is about the potential for a dark winter. Why the facebook/instagram outages prove that you should not be building your physical business to rely on these big tech platforms. Joe shares the reasons why he never needed to rely on Facebook to build his business and why the same is true today. We touch on the fuel shortage and what is a CBDC & BRitcoin.  

beis shaken not stirred essex hairdressers

54 BEIS shaken not stirred

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Shaken Not Stirred Todays show is about The future of us the hair & beauty...

Media Malware Essex Hairdressers Paul Falltrick

53 Media Malware

Media Malware The definition of Malware is thus: nounsoftware that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access...

how to beat the mask snitches

52 – How to beat the mask snitches

Do you hate the face masks? do you hate the visors. We have a great solution to get around these annoying and ineffective mandates. Fake Masks! How to get around the winter lockdown and any future mask mandates.

At home with the bin ladens

51 – At home with the Bin Ladens

Today we look back at the previous weeks news, from Emma Raducanu, Debbie Harry and The MET gala. We look back at the 9/11 atrocities and learn that Joe did hair at a wedding in Egypt where he inadvertently met the Bin Ladens.

What about Dragons Den

50 What about Dragons Den?

We briefly talk about Dragons Den and Joe shares with us his perfect formula of impressing Deborah Meaden and co. GoSalon updates with new connections. We have spoken to many users, distributors and now even a software company is looking at our technology. Joe comments on the latest Linkedin misinformation from Loreal. Aaron shares a story from Sir James Dyson about whether he wanted investors or not.

under a bus

49 Under a Bus

Throw them under a bus. L'oreal is a publicly traded company and many of their brands are owned by Estee Lauder. L'oreal are one of 7 companies that own every product brand that you buy.

When Aaron met Dom

47 – When Aaron met Dom

When Aaron Met Dom is a repeat of the chat I had talking about my early career and the genesis of GoSalon. Dom also got me to share my early work experiences, why I am disruptive, hate rules, have zero respect for authority and why I believe GoSalon will benefit everyone in our sector.

How to win at Social

46 – How to win at Social

Joe has a genius theory about the obesity crisis and how to end it plus Joe shares his 2 step fool proof plan to win at social media. We find out the answer to the question that went mainstream on twitter this week "What job did Joe do when he worked at Butlins in 1976?"



Joe gets annoyed by Piers and we discuss The hypocrisy of billionaires and climate change. Bitcoin as the universal currency of Earth, The Moon and Mars.

earning in the holidays

43 – Earning in the Holidays

The problem with summer holidays - We find out what business boosting advice Joe learnt during those summer months, when most of his clients were enjoying themselves out of town and at their summer pads!

The confidence to make mistakes

42 – The Confidence to make Mistakes

As we wake up nursing our hangovers, the confidence the country found has now waned. It is now licking its wounds after the English national football team came so close to winning it's first trophy in 55 years. The idea you are only as good as your last result is true, what's also true is that those in the hair and beauty industry are rated every hour. Every hour we risk our reputation and credibility trying to do the right thing by our customers. A moral dilemma. Which reminds me of a famous Albert Einstein quote. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

The problem with Apprenticeships

41 – The Problem with Apprenticeships

Today's show is really about Joe's response to the issues Edward brings up in Episode 41a. One of the problems as Edward says is that the government need to do more to allay the fears of the low income families. They fear that by sending the youngest members of the family into low paid work. They will be worse off.

the problem with apprentices

41a The Problem with Apprentices

Currently, If a kid joins a salon as an apprentice and earns £100 per week. This is considered family income and low income parents have there benefits adjusted. If the kids gets educated at a hair college and have no income. The parents don't have benefits adjusted.

In Scissors we trust

40 – In Scissors We Trust

Joe thinks Messi and Ronaldo should retire and let someone else have a go. Joe has recognised a few new trends and shared more anecdotes about marketing. We discover he had a reputation for being a cutter and one day his scissors got him into a row with a clients partner.

Into the dragons den

38 – Into the Dragons Den

On this weeks show we talk about taking the knee, Why does Joe keep getting censored from Social Media? We look at why SEO is evolving & at the latest Hair Tool to be featured on Dragons Den. "The Flower Curl" Joe shares a story about catching up with old friends "The Hershesons."

37 – Bravery & Courage to perform by Salonomics

37 – Bravery & Courage to perform by Salonomics

What is it about the new wave? We talk about the new trends. Is “the Mullet” making a comeback. We...

Using Technology so it doesn’t Abuse You. 36a

. They discuss technology and understanding where the line is between you using it and it using you. Jason gives a live overview of the GoSalon website and what changes we can create to project a message and make the site appeal to emotions.

salons to blow your mind

36 Salon 2 Blow Your Mind

In todays show, Aaron starts Joe off talking about heroes, Joe talks about the salons of the future that blow...

Your amazing Salon

35 Your Amazing Salon

Your Amazing Salon. In todays show, Aaron is giddy about getting an unprovoked shout out on another podcast show that...

suppression sovereignty

Salonomics 33 – Suppression or Sovereignty?

Being banned, Is it a form of suppression or the beginning of sovereignty?

Energy Wasting

Salonomics 32 – Wasting Energy

You have to stop wasting your energy! After a month of solid work. Everyone is feeling a little happier &...

health wellness

Salonomics 31 – Health & Wellness

If Health & Wellness is the answer, then what is the question? In todays show Joe does his best Tommy...

london special

Salonomics 30 – London Special

Is London Calling you? In todays show Aaron & Joe round look forwards to the London mayoral election and cast...

love death taxes

Salonomics 25 – Love, Death & Taxes

Love, Death and Taxes, are the 3 things in Life that we cannot avoid

innovate peril

Salonomics 29 – Innovate at your peril

Innovate at your peril. Because of you have an interesting idea some will look to ban it. In todays show...

sustainable salonomics

Salonomics 28 – What does sustainable mean?

In today’s sustainable show Aaron starts a discussion about Jose Mourinho and the conversation slowly descends into exploring what sustainability...

Salonomics 27 – Power & Technique

Salonomics 27 – Power & Technique

Power & Technique and it’s importance to a long and successful career. Aaron starts a discussion about what is a...

best reopening lockdown strategy covid19

Salonomics 24 – Best reopening strategy after lockdown

Aaron talks about Fidel Castro’s illegitimate lovechild. Aaron asks if Joe knew then what we know now about the pandemic...

Salonomics 23 – Rules of Engagement.

Salonomics 23 – Rules of Engagement.

In todays episode Aaron mentions Thomas Sowell, Joe shares his 3 rules for engagement and how it’s helped him create...

awards scam

Salonomics 22 – Are all Awards a Scam?

In todays episode Joe congratulates Aaron on being an award winning hairdresser. Aaron reveals the whole thing as a scam and asks "if all hair awards are a scam?" Joe shares his terrible awards experience and decided on building a clientele instead. Joe finishes the episode by targeting virtue signallers on LinkedIn. No holds barred.

Salonomics 21 – Kicking the Hornets nest (insurance)

In todays episode Joe explores Insurance Companies and the policy changes they are enforcing onto hairdressers in 2021. Aaron brings...

Salonomics 20 – Who Wins If We Regulate?

In todays episode Joe explores the Regulation debate. And calls out the protagonists. Joe does a deep dive on what it's all about and whether it has legs or not. Aaron talks about those icons that would never have become hairdressers if the commies get their way.

Salonomics 19 – Are contactless shops the future?

Aaron Dorn and Joe Mehmet discuss and explain British hairdressing and culture for a diverse audience. We look into the...

Salonomics 17 – Rishi’s Budget Special

In todays episode We look at the Rishi Budget and ask whether it is net positive for salon owners and...

Salonomics 16 – Inflation is Inevitable

Aaron Dorn and Joe Mehmet discuss and explain British hairdressing and culture for a diverse audience. In todays episode We...

Salonomics 15 – Before you Reopen. Downsize.

Aaron Dorn and Joe Mehmet discuss and explain British hairdressing and London culture for a diverse audience. In todays episode...

Salonomics 14 – The Supreme Power of the Sovereign Hairdresser

Aaron Dorn and Joe Mehmet discuss and explain British hairdressing and culture for a diverse audience. In todays episode We...

Salonomics 13 – Why You’re destroying the environment

Salonomics 13 – Why You’re destroying the environment

Aaron Dorn and Joe Mehmet discuss and explain British hairdressing and culture for a diverse audience. In todays episode we...

Salonomics 11 – Chop the VAT or else

Aaron Dorn and Joe Mehmet discuss and explain British hairdressing and culture for a diverse audience. In todays episode we...

Salonomics 4 – Inflation

Aaron Dorn and Joe Mehmet discuss and explain British hairdressing and culture for a diverse audience.  We explore why Inflation...

Salonomics 3 – Turkey

Salonomics 3 – Turkey

Aaron Dorn and Joe Mehmet discuss and explain British hairdressing and culture for a diverse audience.  We explore why the...

Salonomics 2 – Future Proof

Salonomics 2 – Future Proof

Aaron Dorn and Joe Mehmet discuss and explain British hairdressing and culture for a diverse audience.  We explore why competitions...

Salonomics Podcast 1 – Build Back Better

Hello everyone, Seeing as we are locked down and cannot do any actual hair I am finding myself busier than...

GoSalon – The Big Why?

GoSalon – The Big Why?

To be future proof. You are here because;  You would like to increase your profit margins. You want to give...

Build Back Better – The Salon of tomorrow.

"The biggest mistake most people make, is they design the salon how they like it and not how their customers like it."