37 – Bravery & Courage to perform by Salonomics

37 – Bravery & Courage to perform by Salonomics

What is it about the new wave? We talk about the new trends. Is “the Mullet” making a comeback. We...

Your amazing Salon

35 Your Amazing Salon

Your Amazing Salon. In todays show, Aaron is giddy about getting an unprovoked shout out on another podcast show that...

suppression sovereignty

Salonomics 33 – Suppression or Sovereignty?

Being banned, Is it a form of suppression or the beginning of sovereignty?

Energy Wasting

Salonomics 32 – Wasting Energy

You have to stop wasting your energy! After a month of solid work. Everyone is feeling a little happier &...

innovate peril

Salonomics 29 – Innovate at your peril

Innovate at your peril. Because of you have an interesting idea some will look to ban it. In todays show...

sustainable salonomics

Salonomics 28 – What does sustainable mean?

In today’s sustainable show Aaron starts a discussion about Jose Mourinho and the conversation slowly descends into exploring what sustainability...

Salonomics 27 – Power & Technique

Salonomics 27 – Power & Technique

Power & Technique and it’s importance to a long and successful career. Aaron starts a discussion about what is a...

best reopening lockdown strategy covid19

Salonomics 24 – Best reopening strategy after lockdown

Aaron talks about Fidel Castro’s illegitimate lovechild. Aaron asks if Joe knew then what we know now about the pandemic...

Salonomics 23 – Rules of Engagement.

Salonomics 23 – Rules of Engagement.

In todays episode Aaron mentions Thomas Sowell, Joe shares his 3 rules for engagement and how it’s helped him create...

awards scam

Salonomics 22 – Are all Awards a Scam?

In todays episode Joe congratulates Aaron on being an award winning hairdresser. Aaron reveals the whole thing as a scam and asks "if all hair awards are a scam?" Joe shares his terrible awards experience and decided on building a clientele instead. Joe finishes the episode by targeting virtue signallers on LinkedIn. No holds barred.