With GoSalon, Any salon can easily offer a wide range of retail products to their clients without having to worry about upfront costs or inventory management.

All they need to do is share their products link and earn a referral commission on every sale.

Top 3 benefits for a Hair or Beauty Professional to use GoSalon

Widens what retail you can offer to your customers.

Earn from retail 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Sell more than ever

We create your personal GoSalon shelf, brand it with your logo so you can share links with your client.

Your client can click your link and buy your favourite products from an online retailer who will deal with payment and delivery. (then they send you a fee for the introduction.)

Below is an illustration of your GoSalon. Make sure you submit your logo to replace the GoSalon logo.

Sell more retail