Get more GoSalon space Now!

Hold on, How much space do I get?

A new user gets eleven (11) spaces on GoSalon to add their favourite products. You have many opportunities to unlock more GoSalon space.

Our handy guide below tells you all you need to know!

Our current GoSalon structure is as follows:

  • 11 products spaces when you join
  • + 2 shelf spaces when you make your first sale
  • + 2 spaces when you make £2.50 of referrals
  • + 2 spaces when you make £5 of referrals
  • + 5 spaces when you reach £20 of referrals
  • + 7 spaces when you complete GoSalon university

If you have not signed up for GoSalon University and want to click here 

“You get 5 lessons delivered into your inbox that will help you harness the power of GoSalon to earn extra retail revenue for free!”


What can I do NOW to earn more GoSalon space?

The easiest way to earn more space is to share GoSalon on your social networks. GoSalon space is correlated to use. The more you use GoSalon the more space you get.

  1. + 2 spaces if you help share GoSalon in any kind of social media post. Just tag @gosalonus (Instagram) or @gosalonuk (Twitter)
  2. + 5 spaces Invite a hair & beauty pro to join GoSalon share this link
GoSalon inspiration

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