Your customers are the most important thing in your business. Not the council. You do what is right for the customers not for the regulators or the guideline writers.

The council doesn’t have their own customers. They force you to comply to their rules. They like to believe that they work for us, but we know they don’t.

Please tell me, Why are you waiting for them to tell you what you can and can’t do? They aren’t qualified in customer service and earning money. They just take yours and in return give you more rules and regulations to abide by as part of the service.

For those worried that non compliance means they will shut down the industry clearly have focused in the wrong area

Based on (air quotes) science. Our government have shutdown the entire country. Do you think this precedent means because Jack N Danny’s barbers didn’t where the correct grade visor or face mask that would be the justification needed for closing the high street. No. They’ll shut you down regardless of what you do or don’t do.

It’s not lost on me that the same people engaged in outrage over masks on social media and the ones bashing the government over the handling of the crisis were the same ones who in June were asking Boris and co for more rules and guidance regarding how to open their business. You couldn’t make it up how quick people flew off the handle and vented their spleen all over there keyboard.

We have it easy in the UK compared to others around the globe. Look at our friends over in California where they are marching on town halls because the governor Gavin Newsome has shut down the beauty industry based on a 0.001% transmission rate. And they complied with every new sanitary rule and social distance rule going. They still got shut down!

All of these things are out of your control, they are distractions. Get back your focus. It should only ever be on you and then your customers. None of these other drama’s count.

Sack your distractions and promote your focus. As it’s the only way in 2020 you can win!

focus on your customers
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