At home with the bin ladens

51 – At home with the Bin Ladens

Today we look back at the previous weeks news, from Emma Raducanu, Debbie Harry and The MET gala. We look back at the 9/11 atrocities and learn that Joe did hair at a wedding in Egypt where he inadvertently met the Bin Ladens.

What about Dragons Den

50 What about Dragons Den?

We briefly talk about Dragons Den and Joe shares with us his perfect formula of impressing Deborah Meaden and co. GoSalon updates with new connections. We have spoken to many users, distributors and now even a software company is looking at our technology. Joe comments on the latest Linkedin misinformation from Loreal. Aaron shares a story from Sir James Dyson about whether he wanted investors or not.

under a bus

49 Under a Bus

Throw them under a bus. L'oreal is a publicly traded company and many of their brands are owned by Estee Lauder. L'oreal are one of 7 companies that own every product brand that you buy.

Why are L'oreal scared?

48 Why are L’Oreal Scared?

Why are L’Oreal Scared? A show discussing why the conversation does not move forward online. Why many in this industry...

When Aaron met Dom

47 – When Aaron met Dom

When Aaron Met Dom is a repeat of the chat I had talking about my early career and the genesis of GoSalon. Dom also got me to share my early work experiences, why I am disruptive, hate rules, have zero respect for authority and why I believe GoSalon will benefit everyone in our sector.

How to win at Social

46 – How to win at Social

Joe has a genius theory about the obesity crisis and how to end it plus Joe shares his 2 step fool proof plan to win at social media. We find out the answer to the question that went mainstream on twitter this week "What job did Joe do when he worked at Butlins in 1976?"

socialism in sheeps clothing

45 – Socialism in Sheep’s Clothing

Why the powers that be want to prevent people from taking to the streets and it's simply because they want to censor the conversation by funnelling it to channels online that they control i.e BBC, fb, google etc.



Joe gets annoyed by Piers and we discuss The hypocrisy of billionaires and climate change. Bitcoin as the universal currency of Earth, The Moon and Mars.

earning in the holidays

43 – Earning in the Holidays

The problem with summer holidays - We find out what business boosting advice Joe learnt during those summer months, when most of his clients were enjoying themselves out of town and at their summer pads!

The confidence to make mistakes

42 – The Confidence to make Mistakes

As we wake up nursing our hangovers, the confidence the country found has now waned. It is now licking its wounds after the English national football team came so close to winning it's first trophy in 55 years. The idea you are only as good as your last result is true, what's also true is that those in the hair and beauty industry are rated every hour. Every hour we risk our reputation and credibility trying to do the right thing by our customers. A moral dilemma. Which reminds me of a famous Albert Einstein quote. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."