The confidence to make mistakes

42 – The Confidence to make Mistakes

As we wake up nursing our hangovers, the confidence the country found has now waned. It is now licking its wounds after the English national football team came so close to winning it's first trophy in 55 years. The idea you are only as good as your last result is true, what's also true is that those in the hair and beauty industry are rated every hour. Every hour we risk our reputation and credibility trying to do the right thing by our customers. A moral dilemma. Which reminds me of a famous Albert Einstein quote. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

The problem with Apprenticeships

41 – The Problem with Apprenticeships

Today's show is really about Joe's response to the issues Edward brings up in Episode 41a. One of the problems as Edward says is that the government need to do more to allay the fears of the low income families. They fear that by sending the youngest members of the family into low paid work. They will be worse off.

the problem with apprentices

41a The Problem with Apprentices

Currently, If a kid joins a salon as an apprentice and earns £100 per week. This is considered family income and low income parents have there benefits adjusted. If the kids gets educated at a hair college and have no income. The parents don't have benefits adjusted.

In Scissors we trust

40 – In Scissors We Trust

Joe thinks Messi and Ronaldo should retire and let someone else have a go. Joe has recognised a few new trends and shared more anecdotes about marketing. We discover he had a reputation for being a cutter and one day his scissors got him into a row with a clients partner.

deregulate debates

39 – Deregulate Debates

we talk about chop the vat Debate in Parliament - The relentless gender posturing. Why does nobody want to hire Apprentices & that even now nobody is really talking about regulation. We touch on the developing news that states in the USA are deregulating haircutting from the cosmetology licence vs the minority desire to Regulate the hair & beauty sector.

Into the dragons den

38 – Into the Dragons Den

On this weeks show we talk about taking the knee, Why does Joe keep getting censored from Social Media? We look at why SEO is evolving & at the latest Hair Tool to be featured on Dragons Den. "The Flower Curl" Joe shares a story about catching up with old friends "The Hershesons."

37 – Bravery & Courage to perform by Salonomics

37 – Bravery & Courage to perform by Salonomics

What is it about the new wave? We talk about the new trends. Is “the Mullet” making a comeback. We...

Using Technology so it doesn’t Abuse You. 36a

. They discuss technology and understanding where the line is between you using it and it using you. Jason gives a live overview of the GoSalon website and what changes we can create to project a message and make the site appeal to emotions.

salons to blow your mind

36 Salon 2 Blow Your Mind

In todays show, Aaron starts Joe off talking about heroes, Joe talks about the salons of the future that blow...

Your amazing Salon

35 Your Amazing Salon

Your Amazing Salon. In todays show, Aaron is giddy about getting an unprovoked shout out on another podcast show that...