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Why Salon Retail is Broken.

Why Salon Retail is Broken.

What we can do to fix it and why you need to endorse what you love. Why Salon Retail is...

How to add your Products!

Now you have the ability to sell even if your shop is closed. No postage and packing required. Jeff will do that for you. YES!

How to get your link

Did you know? you can now receive credit card or digital payments for free without the need for an expensive "card machine" Via Your Own Bespoke Button. (as Below)

Is Grey Hair Different?

“A hair is either pigmented or it’s white.“ When and why it happens. The logic. Your hair follicles have pigment...

Post Pandemic Regulation Blues

Remember the goal is DIALOGUE with the government about how our industry can grow. The government don't want to encourage unemployment. They want to see us GROW.

Go Forwards with GoSalon

To work or not to work?

We are practical beasts and yet sometimes we underestimate the value of simplicity. The best solution we can find is hardly ever complex.

Happiness scale

A Public Relations exercise

Choose happy or non-essential worker. If I was asked to create a PR campaign I know what angle I would go with.