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Hair & Beauty contributes 1.3% of the to the UK economy.

Next Stop, Government Run Salons.

Power to the Experts. It’s no longer Power to the People. The experts in science are today’s influencers. Whether it’s...

Bruce Lee 10000 kicks

Why the box tickers should stay out of improving the industry.

This article is about what i think we need to do to improve the hair and beauty industry for the long term.

Reject the ‘New Normal’

this article is about young people and will they choose hairdressing?

Don’t be like them, Be like John.

Don’t be like them, Be like John.

Stop trashing your competition on Facebook. It won’t do anything for you apart from make you bitter, twisted and obsessed...

focus on your customers

Don’t worry about compliance. Worry about your customers.

Your customers are the most important thing in your business. Not the council. You do what is right for the...

Going Underground!

BE THE FUTURE It’s clear towns are changing and cities are shrinking. But what does it mean for the humble...

increase your peace

Increase your peace

this is an article about learning to leave your phone alone and its key to getting focussed about your work.

GoSalon University 2 – How 2 Get on your clients home screen.

GoSalon University 2 – How 2 Get on your clients home screen.

This is your finger print. In order to benefit from selling to your customers 24/7 and numerous times over a...

GoSalon University 1 – Make retail easy.

How to Make it Easy for Your customer to buy from you using GoSalon.

Complain or Change.

This blog is about why your plans always change but your target never should.