GoSalon University 3 – How to use a QR code.

Instant Retail
  1. We use a QR code to transport your customer from your chair to your retail space on the internet wherein 1 or 2 clicks they can buy your product referral “For the Internet Price”
  2. You can find your BESPOKE QR on your home page. *yournamespace.gosalon.uk (as below)
Get your customer to Open their phone camera to scan your handset.

3. Alternatively if you print your QR and put it on your salon mirror or reception desk you do not have to be involved. They can scan in their own time.

4. Your client’s handset will immediately open onto your online retail zone. (Try and get them to add it to their homescreen) Androids will prompt them to do it. iPhones need an extra step. Found here

5. Once your client is on your home screen they are now able to buy one of your referrals links with ease. They are probably already logged into Amazon. Congratulations. We did it!

6. As A Bonus – While they are in your digital reception zone they are able to one click to re-book with you and also one click away from paying you using the get paid button.

7. Clients love this way of interacting with your business. Because they will already be logged into the apps they need. For example they probably have a paypal account so the payment is now one click and done.

Gosalon GoSalon is a platform that enables you to sell via recommending whatever you want to your customers. We make it easy for you to earn money from your favourite products. It’s brand new & It’s free to join and is available by reserving your namespace here

About the author @aarondornhair
Aaron Dorn is a hairdresser with twenty years of experience. A background in finance and computers. He continues to cut hair and is a consultant for several companies within the hair and beauty industry.