How to add your Products!

Why you need to add your favourite products to your GoSalon App.
You want to make some extra cash right? Your favourite product is easier to recommend to your customer. As a professional you have relied on this product for your whole career. It’s easier to sell a product that you use on your customer. Why would you let them use something you wouldn’t?

By connecting them via your link you are more likely to get a sale. Salon products are more expensive bought from the salon than they are online. (Hence why current salon retail conversion numbers are 15%)

  1. Visit make sure they sell your favourite product.
Amazon currently pay you a fee to connect a buyer with a seller.

2. Send the product name to GoSalon via this link

Before you worry about product company loyalty. Don’t! they are already selling direct to your customers via Amazon.

Look at this Olaplex example below selling it to your customer for the same price they sell it to you. (what loyalty?)

Amazon currently pay 7% commission for every purchase made via one of your links and in the hair & beauty category. (For everything else they pay 1.5% )

Now you have the ability to sell even if your shop is closed. No postage and packing required. Jeff will do that for you. YES!

Gosalon GoSalon is a platform that enables you to sell via recommending whatever you want to your customers. We make it easy for you to earn money from your favourite products. It’s brand new & It’s free to join and is available by reserving your namespace here